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Effective English Communication

3 main rules for improving effective communication in english

1. Improve diction and pronunciation

- Sing English songs out loud!
- Look at www.bbc.co.uk site they have a lot of thing to listen!
- Watch news shows on channels like CNN and BBC.
- The web site www.m-w.com is great for pronunciation help.
- Try books on pronunciation and language that come with audio cassettes.

2. Spruce up your writing skills

- Believe it or not, you have to Read More !
- Well-written magazines are great to read not only to improve language skills but also to learn more about the world.
- In terms of books, read what interests you. The basic goal is to read as much as you can.
- People tend to forget basic grammar when writing e-mails. An e-mail is nothing more than a letter which is sent electronically.

3. Three exercises to practise every day!

1. Pretend you are a newscaster and read out the newspaper, focus on national newspapers.

2. While reading a book, underline all the words you do not know. Look them up in the dictionary and  make a list of these words, and make sure you use at least five of them in a conversation during the day.

3 . Most important, make an effort to speak in English to your colleagues, friends and family.

You can use the on-line tools which help you:

English translation - free on-line english full text translator for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese is also available), Italian and Russian languages!

Online English Dictionary - Search for word translations between English and 40 languages.

Tips to communicate effictive in English

- Give more effective presentations in English
- Contribute more effectively to meetings held in English
- Use English effective on the phone with more confidence
- Use English effective in emails and letters with style and accuracy


Reccomended books for Effective English Communication:

Business Across Cultures: Effective Communication Strategies (English for Business Success) (Hardcover) go>>

Professional Communication : How to Deliver Effective Written and Spoken Messages (Paperback) go>>

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